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Life at Helixr

An insight into the culture within Helixr

Our staff are at the heart of our success

Born from a passion for reshaping the Life Sciences consultancy sector, at Helixr our work is fuelled by the incredible depth and breadth of experience within our team.

We nurture an inclusive and open culture, underpinned by our 7 core values, where our employees are given the tools to grow and flourish.


Honesty and reliability are fundamental across our network. We are committed to following through on our commitments and maintaining the highest standards in what we do to build trust with our clients, team members, and other stakeholders.


What you see is what you get. Building genuine relationships within our team and with clients is at the heart of what we do. We understand each other through consistent actions and share in the successes of our clients and individuals across our network.


We operate as an extended family where we listen and empathise with others, promoting inclusivity across our network as we recognise the differences and strengths of every employee and client


We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility and delivering the good news with the bad. We advocate a no-blame culture where open communication can be conducted with honesty and respect, encouraging feedback for continuous learning and improvement.


Doing the right and fair thing is the foundation on which we have built our company. We embody this principle in all of the work that we do.


We encourage open mindedness and sharing experiences to foster a culture where our people are empowered to continuously learn and prepare for new challenges.


We foster a culture in which all of our employees are empowered to contribute to decision making and shaping our organisation.

The inside info

Our team is our biggest strength. Their voices and sentiments are the greatest testimonials of what life is like as part of the Helixr family. Here is what some of our team have to say. Click on the bio images to read more.

Anande Bhinde

Managing Consultant

I joined Helixr at a time of great uncertainty in the SAP Consulting market. Helixr’s founders understood the hour of need and provided an opportunity to step into the new world confidently, with a shared passion and vision to grow together. Also, the Helixr team has forged a great rapport and relationship with clients, securing their confidence to deliver at the highest quality in the most trying circumstances.

Helixr was started by a bunch of energetic and enthusiastic people with whom I have worked with in the past. The work culture here is very friendly, helpful and encouraging. We’re a small close knit family where every one is committed to making this company a great success and taking it to greater heights in the future.

Helixr has a very good mix of people from different functional backgrounds who have some fantastic experience which endeavours you to perform better and better each time. We all celebrate even the smallest of each other’s successes. This show of appreciation at every stage is very satisfying and encouraging.

Neil Anderson

Service Director

Their vision. To create a new style of consulting company that puts social conscience and quality at the top of their priorities believing if you are trustworthy and deliver quality, you will be profitable and grow through your reputation. It is great to work for a company that shares my ethics and views, to attend meetings and share ideas that are often dismissed in other organisations as “not cost effective” or be asked “what is in it for us?”. At HELIXR the question is “how does this benefit our customers, employees or society?

Once you are in the organisation you see that it has a family feel to it – A Whatsapp group used to share work and social information alike. Meaning that despite joining during the lockdown and not getting to meet most of the team, I still feel involved and part of the wider group. This also shows a willingness to move with the times and look at more modern ways of communication.

The opportunity to get involved in all aspects of helping the company develop and grow, to help shape the company and implement ideas and lessons learnt from previous companies and experiences. I’m excited by what we are trying to achieve and as we continue to move forward and grow, I look forward to the challenge of keeping our ethics in place.

Anjna Patel

Operations Director

I joined Helixr after a year’s sabbatical to take care of my father. Having worked previously with one of the Founders, I knew that Helixr would be underpinned by a person-centred ethos, driven not by making large profits but by making a difference to clients, employees and society. I was welcomed by the other Founders with a sense of trust and respect for what I could offer, despite my career break. Unlike other similar organisations, the team comes first. There is a true sense of authenticity and empathy amongst the founding directors.

As Operations Director, I am involved in not only shaping the vision and strategic objectives but also responsible for driving the execution. I thrive on seeing concept becoming reality. Having the opportunity to do this gives a purpose to my working hours. Additionally, the strong camaraderie across the team and whatsapp banter makes it a fun environment, especially during the current restrictions whereby we cannot meet face to face as a team.

Aside from the opportunity to shape and execute the company’s vision, I am excited about the higher purpose for which Helixr ultimately exists – to provide a platform for others to flourish. Everyone has a voice here and the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions. Building a conscious workplace is one of mine. I feel lucky and grateful to be leading the efforts to shape and execute our higher purpose.

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Eduardo Rodrigues

Senior Consultant

I joined Helixr because I knew the Founders and many of the Consultants and they are great!! Fun, intelligent people with fantastic work ethos and commitment. We have a very experienced team of SAP and process consultants. Our aim is to be a trustworthy and flexible partner and we are bringing all this in a package that will enable clients to implement SAP S4/Hana effectively and successfully.

I enjoy being part of a team, the friendly atmosphere that we are building in the company and the streamline management structure. But perhaps what I enjoy most is the freedom to have time to dedicate to parts of the work that I enjoy most. In my case I love client facing roles and the early stage of solution design.

The most rewarding is the trust and support I receive from my team, But also the feeling that the company understand and values the effort I put in at work.

Types of positions within Helixr

Below are examples of the main types of roles we recruit for. As we are growing, we sometimes look for additional roles to be filled, requiring different skill sets, so it’s worth checking our Current Vacancies.

Associate Consultant

Grow your consulting skillset by actively supporting your team and adding value to deliver strategic projects for our clients.

The Job

  • You will work proactively with your team to support the timely delivery of projects that make a real difference
  • Use your excellent communication skills to help build trusted partnerships with our clients
  • Contribute to internal projects and business development opportunities
  • Be driven to enhance your development through real-time project deliverables and both formal and informal training and mentoring

What we look for

  • Around 2 years related industry experience or a recent graduate in a relevant field
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A keen intellectual curiosity and determination to learn
  • A person who embodies and delivers against our values


Apply and enhance your existing consultancy skills to deliver smaller, independent projects and larger complex projects as part of a wider team.

The Job

  • You will make a significant contribution to your team to deliver projects to meet our client’s business strategies and objectives
  • Be a clear communicator who is able to relay ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences and connects on-to-one with stakeholders
  • Supports business development by identifying and communicating opportunities within client sites
  • Continually strive to enhance your own development while supporting and mentoring junior members of the team

What we look for

  • 2-5 years of relevant experience
  • A proven track record of effective project deliveries and associated technical skills
  • A desire to learn, develop and enhance your knowledge
  • A person who embodies and delivers against our values

Senior Consultant

Use your experience to design, plan, manage and successfully deliver complex solutions to meet our clients needs; leading and mentoring others whilst building strong stakeholder relationships.

The Job

  • A specialist in your field, you will work both autonomously and as a team leader to deliver strategic projects end-to-end.
  • A collaborative team worker with the ability to communicate clearly and professionally with internal, external and stakeholder audiences
  • Forward thinker who initiates continuous product and delivery improvements and actively contributes to business development opportunities

What we look for

  • 5-10 years of relevant experience
  • A proven track record of effective project deliveries with the associated technical skills and successful team management ability
  • A desire to continue to develop, enhance and share your knowledge
  • A person who embodies and delivers against our values

Managing Consultant

Use your strategic and technical knowledge to design and deliver complex client projects to meet their objectives, adding value, leading teams and managing stakeholders.

The Job

  • You will use your creative and analytical skills in the end-to-end delivery of client projects and actively contribute to the design and development of new products
  • Partnering with our clients and stakeholders you will nurture our core value of integrity to build trusted relationships
  • You will continually evaluate your own learning and training needs and those of more junior members of the team

What we look for

  • 10+ years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrable technical, project management, delivery and team management skills
  • A desire to continue to develop, enhance and share your knowledge
  • A person who embodies and delivers against our values

Service Director

Ensures overall quality of the delivery of solutions across multiple clients and consultant teams, with responsibility for resourcing and planning decisions to meet and balance both Helixr and client needs.

The Job

  • Oversees multiple projects, across multiple clients, supporting and guiding project teams where necessary, leading strategy and driving improvements
  • As a member of the leadership team, contributes to strategy, business plans, recruitment and development of our capabilities and our people
  • Manages relationships throughout our engagements from securing opportunities to successful delivery
  • Accountable for budget management

What we look for

  • 15+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience of working effectively at leadership level, shaping policy and strategy formation
  • Initiates influential relationships with internal and external customers, suppliers and partners at senior management level, including industry leaders.
  • A person who embodies and delivers against our values

Job vacancies

Below are the current available job vacancies. Please click the “Apply now” button to be taken to an application form.

Senior Project Manager
Another vacancy
Another vacancy

Our interview process

01. Initial Meeting with a Director

A ‘Get to Know’ conversation focused on understanding the candidate’s background, expertise, goals and career aspirations.

Similarly an opportunity for the candidate to know more about HELIXR.  Share our aspirations, history, our values and commitment to the team; details on the range of clients,  nature of the projects, approach and commitment to our clients. Talk about candidates involvement in internal projects / initiatives alongside client work. If there’s enough common ground, we’ll invite you to a Stage 2.

02. Panel Interview

A Panel Interview in which the candidate has the opportunity to show case their capabilities and personality:

  1. Preparing and delivering a case study presentation
  2. ‘Why Me’ Personal presentation demonstrating selected behaviours and allowing panel to get to know candidate
  3. Structured interview questions to deep dive candidates experience

03. Working at HELIXR (Optional)

Meet or speak to a team member to understand what it’s like to work at HELIXR. This allows candidate to get a feeling for the culture and meet someone who is likely to be a Peer. If after this there is mutual interest then we can move to making an offer.

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