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Business Restructuring

Maximising value and driving synergies to position your business for the future.



Business restructuring can hold the key to achieving growth and maximise shareholder value. An in-depth understanding of the integrated nature of the activities involved is critical to success.

Almost 80% of restructuring projects fall short of the expected outcomes, driving higher than predicted integration costs due to poor project management, strategic planning, and understanding of the business landscape. Executing smooth mergers, acquisitions, divestments, or internal restructuring projects can transform an enterprise’s market footprint and realise corporate synergies.

What can we do?

With extensive experience in delivering successful business restructuring projects, we will guide your business through its transformation journey. We offer end-to-end project management and consulting services to achieve your goals in a time and cost-effective manner, whilst maintaining business continuity and drawing on synergies to drive further growth.

Our Capabilities

As part of our service we provide project management and solutions for the following types of business restructuring initiatives:

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

Having delivered integrations within numerous Life Sciences corporations, we understand the levers for success in delivering major business integrations and joint ventures. Through early engagement in planning and due diligence, we ensure a smooth transition through the execution and stabilisation phases of business integration.

Divestments & Spin-Offs

While often included under the mergers & acquisitions umbrella, divestments and spin-offs are the other side of the business integration transaction. We partner with the seller, from planning through to stabilisation managing the challenges and risks associated with the separation or carve out of operations from the core business.

Internal Restructuring

The integration of business operations can drive efficiencies across the enterprise, through the restructuring of front and back-office operations. Through change management, our experts will engage with your teams to unpick these opportunities and drive the design. We support the implementation and adoption of new operating models from discovery through to execution.

Due Diligence & Planning

We partner with clients to form an integral part of your M&A teams from the offset. We share best practices and offer a uniquely integrated and cooperative approach during the due diligence and planning phases.

Integration Delivery

Integration is the art of creating processes from multiple systems for visibility of performance and opportunities. Our team will be embedded within your organisation, bringing hands-on expertise to manage the process with minimal disruption to your customers and supply chain.


Continuing business process optimisation after the initial integration is key to driving further synergies and efficiencies. Our team will be there to guide you, allowing you to take the next step in your restructuring journey.


Up-front investigation in defining the business boundaries and due diligence enables an effective transition of the business. Forming part of your deal team from the early phases of discovery and planning, we ensure buyer confidence towards a viable transaction, ultimately maximising the value of the business deal.

Separation and Carve-Outs

We masterfully guide you through dissecting the company into its respective parts, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to customers and your supply chain. Our team will be embedded within your organisation, offering expertise, project management, and consultation on methodologies and accelerators to guide you from discovery to completion.


Once the primary integration has been delivered and stabilised, we will work with your teams to review the high-level roadmap and objectives to identify further opportunities to enable synergies and optimise processes.

Discovery & Scoping

Through early engagement, we will support your teams in understanding the feasibility of restructuring opportunities. By examining the overall business landscape and future outcomes, we establish the best way forward to restructure front and back-office operations.

Operating Model Design

Using our experienced partners we will work closely with your teams to design the appropriate organisational structures and processes to support the new operating model and business culture.


People are at the heart of business transformation. Our experienced change management partners will work with your business leaders and teams to prepare and execute a plan that ensures stakeholder buy-in of the new structure and desired culture, from processes to technology.

Our Experts

Our lead team members working with you

Neil Littlejohn

Founder & Executive Director

Ravi Bolla

Founder & Executive Director

Laura Peaple

Founder & Executive Director

Phani Sabnivisu

Founder & Executive Director

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