Manju Sabnivisu

Scientific Advisor

Manju is working as a Scientific Advisor at Helixr with very strong experience in Life Sciences core domain. Her main expertise is around Research and Development, especially in pre-discovery and discovery phases of pharmaceutical drug development. She has excellent academic background with Masters in Drug Discovery from University of London which is a valuable skill for key strategic initiatives of Helixr8 platform. She has previous mentoring experience at her University as well as green belt in lean six sigma.

Prior to joining Helixr, Manju has more than nine years of scientific experience. She worked collaboratively with University of London and one of the top five pharmaceutical companies, estimating the important characteristics of lead molecules using robotic instruments. She also worked at one of the top CRO companies as an R&D scientist gaining valuable experience in characterizing drug molecules under strict GMP practices. Her passion lies in scientific analysis and writing as well as using her expertise for business development.

Written articles

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