Ravi Bolla

Founder & Executive Director

A people-centered leader with extensive expertise in the consulting sector, Ravi founded Helixr to offer a family-like work environment and stability within the consulting marketplace, during a period of uncertainty. Having an innate sense of diplomacy, he thrives on establishing harmonious relationships with all stakeholders and building bridges across diverse teams.

Ravi oversees our life sciences engagements in supply chain, procurement, and product lifecycle management, and is passionate about delivering customer-focused, enterprise-wide solutions, enabled by technology and underpinned by industry best practices. Practical and grounded, Ravi brings the big picture and hard facts to light in a project, cutting through vague management speak to find effective ways to implement complex plans.

Ravi’s vision for Helixr is to make a difference to clients through breaking traditional commercial boundaries and giving back to communities through our Flourish initiative, providing a platform for individuals to grow.