Our Partners

A diverse portfolio to give our clients the best expertise

Technical partnerships

We are very happy to be working with some of the top names in the technology industry who help us deliver solutions and services to our clients.

SAP | Visit

SAP is a German multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP ecosystem is a chain of partners and software vendors who contribute to innovation and effectiveness of SAP platform. We are currently a silver partner and look forward to building and strengthening our relationship with SAP.

UKISUG | Visit

UKISUG is an independent SAP community, learning and developing together, speaking with one voice. They aim to drive success by creating unrivalled resources, education and advocacy. UKISUG gives you the platform to learn, network, collaborate, influence and connect with other like minded companies.

Centiq | Visit

Centiq, a SoftwareOne company, has been leading the way with designing, building and managing SAP platforms for over 20 years. Centiq offers a number of optimised migration packages, leveraging Microsoft Azure to unlock transformational benefits of the modern SAP.

Where traditional System Integrators span a wealth of technologies and competing vendors within their portfolio, Centiq leverage expertise in both SAP and Cloud, with their agility and flexibility enabling them to deliver highly successful, personal transformations of complex SAP landscapes, while optimising cost and mitigating risk.

Thomson Reuters | Visit

Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted providers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run a better business. Their clients work in a range of fields (law, tax, compliance, government, and media) and they help them reinvent the way they work. Their ‘team of experts brings together information, innovation and authoritative insight to unravel complex situations, and our worldwide network of journalists and editors keep customers up to speed on global developments that are relevant to them.’