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Adopting latest technology to improve operational performance and tax compliance


As tax legislation changes, organisations are faced with making sense of new requirements and their implications on business processes. Furthermore, tax authorities globally are mandating digital reporting and filing. Poor data quality and lack of expertise in identifying the appropriate platforms to meet the requirements, often leaves businesses struggling to comply with legislation.

What can we do?

Our specialist global tax technology services achieve compliance and meet organisational goals by re-engineering and digitalising processes. We partner closely with tax specialists to interpret the requirements across multiple regions and successfully deliver solutions in the most complex tax regimes, including countries in the LATAM region, as well as new regimes such as VAT in GCC countries.

Our Capabilities

Working with organisations to define solutions that meet global tax requirements


Our team executes specialist solutions to deliver compliant and efficient tax enablement. By identifying and implementing the right taxation platforms for your business, we ensure that you meet your regulatory obligations across global jurisdictions.


Using expert insight into best practices and technological advancements, we deliver solutions that improve the quality of data and enable successful automation – reducing the Record to Tax cycle time whilst ensuring compliance and inherent controls over required audit trails.

Business Intelligence

Our experts work with you to deliver data analytics and executive dashboards that enable simulation of what-if scenarios – driving tax planning, post deal tax synergies and cash flow decisions, as well as visibility of opportunities to drive future business structuring and processes improvements.

ERP Systems

We deliver standardised and custom enterprise resource planning solutions across multiple jurisdictions such as the EU and GCC. Our ERP system experience includes SAP S/4 Hana, Oracle Netsuite and JD Edwards.

External Tax Engines

In more complex jurisdictions such as Brazil and North America, ERP systems don’t always the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. We partner with your tax teams to deliver more suitable solutions enabled by external tax engines including Vertex Series and Thomson Reuters OneSource.

Region Specific Solutions

Each tax jurisdiction has specific requirements that need to be interpreted using bespoke solutions. Our consultants are experts in successfully implementing regional solutions including SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica and Thomson Reuters Mastersaf compliance processes in Brazil.

Improving the efficiencies

We will partner with your tax department to identify inefficiencies in data management processes and manual non-value adding activities to drive the adoption of automated best practices and streamline procedures.

Reducing the risk profile

Manual processes and poor quality of tax data results in insufficient audit trails and organisations operating with higher than necessary risk profiles. Our advisors will support your team in improving data quality and automate compliance processes to manage these risks.

Preparing for new legislation

We work with organisations to understand legislative changes and design appropriate business processes and systems, ensuring compliance with new legislations ranging from tax changes to electronic invoicing and digital tax filing.

Tax reporting

Our team implements automated compliance and tax reporting processes that manage the large volumes of complex data required for digital tax filings and reporting, adhere to best practices and drive accuracy.

Decision making

We understand the importance of data in driving compliance and providing intelligence for future opportunities. Through introducing processes and best practices to our clients that drive accuracy, we improve the data analytics used for tactical and strategic decision making.

Business Insights

Our team works with you in developing the business analytics tools to identify the potential opportunities to improve the efficiencies in the areas such as operational taxes and transfer pricing using best practices and data standards.

Our Experts

Our lead team members working with you

Neil Littlejohn

Founder & Executive Director

Ravi Bolla

Founder & Executive Director

Laura Peaple

Founder & Executive Director

Phani Sabnivisu

Founder & Executive Director

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